We are deeply saddened to report that our dear friend François Vals passed away after an extended illness Dec 4, 2013. François was Maurice Chevalier's secretary, manager, confidante, and right-hand man for the last 22 years of his career.

François was totally dedicated to keeping the memory of Maurice Chevalier alive after his beloved boss passed away in 1972.

We will greatly miss our dear friend, François Vals.

                     François Vals                      DSC00344.JPG

                             François Vals                            François welcomes Don to France in 2007

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                  Rythme  éclectique

Starting with "Over the Rainbow" and continuing through other well-known standards, we hear the new and unexpected in the vibes of  these eclectic rhythms. The strong latin beat of many of the tracks sparks vibrant images of "Dancing With the Stars" performances.

Most of the songs in "Rythme éclectique" are sung in English and French. The exceptions are "Volare" (Italian and French), "Pour Toi / Dime (Feelings)" (French and Spanish), "Copacabana" (English), and a bonus track of "Copacabana" (French). There are five (5) all-in-French tracks: Matin de Carnaval; Petite Fleur; Belle-Ile-en-Mer, Marie-Galante; Grimaud; and Rockollection.

Don Sheppard and his music director, Khris Dodge, have created a unique version of "Feelings" which includes both treatments of the song. i.e. the original French version with the original French lyrics, followed by the Morris Albert adaptation that became so popular as "Feelings." Don segues from the French version into the Spanish adaptation, whose lyrics (by Tomás Fundora) mirror the English lyrics written by Morris Albert.

Below is a scene from the "Pour Toi / Dime (Feelings)" video starring Rick Barraza... now available at  iTunes! It sizzles!


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Rythme éclectique
Rythme éclectique

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