During the weekend of Valentine's Day, February 15 and 16, 2014, Don sang four contemporary French songs at the Winter Concert of Ballet Tucson in the premiere of "Danses à la Française", choreographed by Chieko Imada, Assistant Artistic Director of Ballet Tucson. There were a total of three performances.

The Winter Concert was the Ballet's participation in the second annual Tucson Desert Song Festival, the theme of which this year was French music and French composers.
The Ballet engaged three singers for the performances: two to sing arias from "Carmen" and Don to sing the lighter, contemporary French popular standards for the segment "Danses à la Française."   

            During the month of April 2012, there were tributes to Maurice Chevalier
                   in France, in honor of the 40th anniversary of his passing
Maurice Chevalier
by Francois Vals

November, 2011   We FINALLY have all three (3) of our videos for tracks on "Rythme eclectique" on available on a DVD! The songs are "Over the Rainbow / l'Arc en ciel,," "Pour toi / Dime (Feelings)," and "I Don't Care Much / Je m'en fous."  The DVD will be sent FREE with every CD order - no matter which CD you order. 

September, 2011   We are currently in post-production for a DVD containing all three of the videos for tracks on Rythme éclectique, along with the story of "Pour toi / Dime (Feelings)" in English, French, and Spanish. The DVD will be available on this web site in the near future.

August 14, 2010    We are very happy to congratulate our good friend Pierre Herbineaux on his reaching the quarter finals of "America's Got Talent." They gave him the name "Harmonica Pierre."  Pierre is a world-class harmonicist and plays the harmonica solo in the interlude between verses on "She / Tous les visages de l'amour" on our first CD "eclectique." 

Click on picture to play the video

     January 1, 2010      Happy New Year!   Bonne Annee !

We invite you to view our latest music video on YouTube

" I Don't Care Much / Je m'en fous" from "Rythme eclectique" 

 Please let us know what you think of it at      feedback@VivelaNostalgie,com     Merci beaucoup !

October 10, 2009     

We now have available the French lyrics sheet for the French lyrics sung in "Rythme eclectique!"   

And Happy Birthday today to Rick Barraza! Rick was a big contributor to "Rythme eclectique" as Graphics Designer. He also directed and starred in our music video for track #6 "Pour toi / Dime (Feelings)" which is  now available at  iTunes!


   September 12, 2009

   Happy Birthday, Maurice Chevalier!

   " Tout va bien pour moi, tout va bien pour vous...     Everything's    happy for me... everything's happy for you ! "

September 10, 2009

Hi everyone, I just want you to know that Maurice Chevalier's birthday is September 12 (1888) and my dear friend, Francois Vals, who was Maurice's right-hand man and personal manager for the last 20 years of Maurice's illustrious career, has a birthday just two days later on September 14th!  

                                     Happy Birthday / Joyeux Anniversaire, François ! 

                                                                     - ton ami, Don Sheppard

François' tribute to his boss, Maurice Chevalier
It contains photos, letters, and tributes from Maurice's own collection

A book of tribute to Maurice Chevalier not to be missed! 

FrançoisVals compiled this magnificent book about Maurice Chevalier, with many photos, letters, awards, and historical facts about his long career. It was published in 2002. François and Madeleine Vals were Maurice's personal staff, along with Fred Freed, his accompanist. They traveled with him during all his many tours throughout the world.

François shares with his readers how he first met Maurice when he was only 14 years old and Maurice was a world famous personality and how much Maurice's friendship and trust in him has meant to him throughout the many years.

Francois welcomes Don to France in May 2007

August 31, 2009

Well folks, our CD "Chevalier on Broadway - an American tribute" placed third in the field of ten nominees for the category Best Theater Album. We congratulate the other winners! We are very humbled to be acknowledged by such a large, dedicated group of volunteer judges who put in so many hours of their time listening to so many albums -- and ours is a 2-CD album!


August 12, 2009 

The music video for "Pour toi / Dime (Feelings)" is now on Apple iTunes!

Look for "Don Sheppard" then click on "Music Videos" then click on "Pour toi / Dime (Feelings)" and select "Preview" to watch 30 secs of it! (or just click this link!)

You can buy it and download it for $1.49!

                                 Newsflash!   June 30, 2009

We have learned that our CD "Chevalier on Broadway - an American tribute" has earned a nomination for a 2009 JPF (Just Plain Folks) Music Award in the "Theater Album" category.

The JPF Awards are the largest music awards in the world. This year over 42,000 albums were sent in containing 560,000 songs from over 160 countries for entry in 95 different categories.

 Winners will be announced August 29, 2009 in Nashville.

To read more, go to the JPF website:


... and about our newest CD "Rythme eclectique" released February 2009...
March 9, 2009

Madame Line Renaud wrote to us:

"Cher Don,

J'ai écouté avec beaucoup de plaisir votre CD en français, et en particulier "Pour toi" de mon mari Loulou Gasté. C'est magnifique vocalement et votre français est incroyable.
Bravo, bravo, et merci pour votre délicate attention qui m'a beaucoup touchée.

I kiss you

Line Renaud"


"Dear Don,

I have listened with much pleasure to your CD in French, and especially "Pour toi" by my husband Loulou Gasté. It's magnificent vocally and your French is unbelievable.
Bravo, bravo, and thanks for your careful attention which touched me very much.

I kiss you.

Line Renaud"

(reprinted with the kind permission of Line Renaud)
Line Renaud is currently starring in a play in Paris... you can see the poster etc here on her website:

Below is a scene from the "Pour Toi / Dime (Feelings)" video starring Rick Barraza... soon to be released on DVD and now available on iTunes. You will be able to order it here also. It sizzles!




Our thanks to Rick Barraza, the creator of the video for "Over the Rainbow / Arc en Ciel" for his artistic ability in capturing the song's emotional qualities visually.

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